Here at The Car Clinic, we very often have major car projects, from accident repairs to complete restorations. Feel free to browse our wide range of projects, and if you wish to view the progress of your own vehicle on The Car Clinic site then please let us know.

Repaired the damage to the door, quarter panel and arch moulding.





On this awesome Range Rover we colour coded the front and rear bumpers, painted the wheels/grilles piano black, changed the badges and wrapped the roof gloss black

20130928-074343 pm.jpg

20130928-074355 pm.jpg

20130928-074405 pm.jpg

20130928-074421 pm.jpg

20130928-074446 pm.jpg

20130928-074456 pm.jpg

20130928-074512 pm.jpg

20130928-074525 pm.jpg

20130928-074543 pm.jpg

20130928-074602 pm.jpg

20130928-074613 pm.jpg

20130928-074627 pm.jpg

Here we have painted the front spoiler, mirrors and rear diffuser piano black for Mrs Stapley

20130925-101203 pm.jpg

20130925-101312 pm.jpg

20130925-101412 pm.jpg

20130925-101441 pm.jpg

20130925-101452 pm.jpg

20130925-101521 pm.jpg

20130925-101533 pm.jpg

20130925-101559 pm.jpg

20130925-101608 pm.jpg

20130925-101619 pm.jpg

Here we repainted the front bumper and refurbished the alloys to Matt grey

20130913-120937 PM.jpg

20130913-120952 PM.jpg

20130913-121003 PM.jpg

20130913-121017 PM.jpg

20130913-121025 PM.jpg

Here we painted the interior piano black, same with the callipers and rear diffuser.

Remapped it to 330bhp

Fitted xenon headlights

20130913-120558 PM.jpg

20130913-120604 PM.jpg

20130913-120611 PM.jpg

Kal Yafai, Birmingham based boxer, brought us his Audi A5 for a new look.

After removing the full white wrap on the car we did a complete respray in black. Keep an eye on our blog for more updates like this.


Absolute pleasure to colour code the rear bumper and carbon wrap the front and rear trims on this awesome V10 R8 Plus

20130831-070020 AM.jpg

20130831-070037 AM.jpg

20130831-070052 AM.jpg

20130831-070102 AM.jpg

20130831-070110 AM.jpg

20130831-070130 AM.jpg

20130831-070145 AM.jpg

20130831-070155 AM.jpg

20130831-070208 AM.jpg

20130831-070228 AM.jpg

20130831-070235 AM.jpg

20130831-070245 AM.jpg

Complete Matt grey met wrap with jcw alloys

20130828-060611 PM.jpg

20130828-060623 PM.jpg

20130828-060630 PM.jpg

20130828-060649 PM.jpg

20130828-060659 PM.jpg

Refurbished alloys into piano black

20130825-094001 AM.jpg

Transformed this oak wood to piano black

20130825-093800 AM.jpg

20130825-093818 AM.jpg

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